Gangster Gardeners, Gifts for Homeless Kids, & Sweet Treats Help Animals in Need

In this week’s #GiveBackNewsLA:

• Hear about the new documentary, Can You Dig This, profiling South LA gangsters who changed their lives by gardening, and how you can participate in growing the urban gardening movement;

• Find out how two moms in Santa Monica are surprising children at domestic violence shelters throughout Los Angeles;

• and Ralph Lauren’s daughter Dylan Lauren is using her skills as a candy designer and supplier to help animals in need, and she’s looking for those with a sweet tooth to help out.

For more information on the gangnster gardening film at, and help Ron Finley grow the urban gardening movement at

Learn more about the Santa Monica moms giving personalized presents to children at shelters at

There are lots of sweets and sweet ways to help at Dylan's Candy Bar and Dylan's Candy Barn, by exploring

If you get involved with any of these efforts please let us know! Email us at Thank you for watching and please take the time to subscribe and share, and help us make a difference one story at a time!

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